Sandbar Sports Grill Oktobeerfest 2016

The Sandbar Sports Grill in Cocoa Beach is proud to support the efforts of the Space Coast Hurricanes Sled Hockey Team in raising money to pay for Ice Time and Equipment for the 2016/17 Season.


We will be joining forces on October 16, 2016, at our signature Oktobeerfest event at the Sandbar Sports Grill in Cocoa Beach from 6 pm to close.

Tickets are $30 each and include unlimited beer tasting of over 30 beers from around the world. 40% of proceeds will go to the Sled Hockey Fund. There will also be a silent auction and door prizes and lots of swag giveaways. Be sure to come out early and collect your souvenir cup! It just makes the beer taste better.

For more information contact Tom Reinarts via Email or call (321) 720-2043

The team practices and plays at the Space Coast Ice Plex in Rockledge, FL, you can follow them on Facebook.

We need you to sponsor this important sport, step Sandbar Nation!!!

Space Coast Hurricanes

Most people are aware of wheelchair sports such as Track & Field and Basketball. What most people don’t know is that the disabled athletes can also play ice hockey.

Sled hockey (also called sled hockey) started in the 1960’s in Stockholm, Sweden. It spread to the United States in 1990 and became an official Paralympic sport in the winter games in 1994. Sled hockey is played in sleds that consist of a plastic seat riding on a metal frame with two blades underneath the seat. Each player has a shortened hockey stick in each hand. The end of each stick has two stainless steel picks that the player uses to push the sled along the ice. The other end of the stick has the blade that the player uses to move the puck, pass, and shoot. Sled hockey rules are essentially the same as standard hockey rules, with a few exceptions made to accommodate the sleds.

Sled hockey gained a foothold in Florida in 2006 with a series of clinics over a spring weekend in Clearwater, followed by the establishment of programs in Miami and Tampa Bay later that year. One of the original participants in the Tampa program was Nick Reinarts of Merritt Island, an eighth grade student at Edgewood Junior/Senior High School. Nick’s father, Tom Reinarts, worked with the Space Coast Iceplex in Rockledge to bring sled hockey to Brevard County. The owner of the Iceplex, Rick Ninko, was very supportive of the idea, and brought in help from USA Hockey and SAHOF (State Amateur Hockey of Florida). Tim’s Kids, a program established by the late Tim Szymula to introduce children to hockey, recognizing the opportunity to make hockey possible for people who normally wouldn’t have a chance to play, has generously taken the sled hockey program under its wing. With help from the Miami program, sled hockey started in Rockledge on January 4, 2008. Since then, the program has grown to 20 players. Last season, our players competed against teams from Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, San Antonio, Boston, Ohio, Washington DC, Nashville, and many other locations. This season they will play in a number of games against competition from around the country.

Last season, our players competed at all levels of competition. Declan Farmer and Greg Shaw won paralympic gold medals. This season, Chris Douglas and Declan Farmer will compete at the World Championships in April in Buffaloe.

Our goal is to make sure that every player develops their skill to the maximum possible, from beginners to our players at the National level.

October 9, 2016
Sandbar Live


For over a decade now, the Sandbar Football Fanclub has been known as the best place for watching NFL Sunday Ticket on the Space Coast.

Our 22 HDTVs and superior sound system, 2 full bars, full kitchen, and amazing ocean breeze make the Sandbar Sports Grill in Cocoa Beach one of the world’s most unique and fantastic place to spend game day. Whether you live around the corner, over the causeway, or just in town for the day–you’re always welcome here.

Our NFL fan club includes ten great tasting wings cooked to order and a tasty Coors Light or Miller Light to wash it down, but that’s not all. We shower you with gifts and T-shirts along the way. Since, the Sandbar is famous for having a great time on the beach, we like to spoof different team logos and reimagine if our own mascot Mahi Mark was running the team. This year he’s got his sights set on our neighbors to the North, the mighty Jacksonville Jaguars.

Sandbar Football FanclubThe Jags, through a little bit of fate, get to debut 3 first round draft picks this year (fingers crossed). It should make it interesting this year for football in Florida, plus the Dolphins and Bucs are both starting over with new head coaches. You never know if they’ll make the climb, just be fine, or seriously decline.

Steelers Fans love the Sandbar

Transplant favorites: the Steelers, Packers, and Patriots all have something to prove with aging Superbowl MVP QBs –can they get back to glory? Oh and then there’s Brady, Brady, Brady! Is this last year throwing the duck around the barn?Mahi Mark is Tom Brady

The Sandbar Football Fanclub is an amazing deal, and we just want to make sure you know you have a home on Sundays with us. For only 60 bucks you get $325 worth of Beer and Wings for the Season, that’s Ten Wings and a 20oz Draft every Sunday through the Super Bowl—plus other prizes. So, stop by and ask your server to sign up of the Sandbar Football Fanclub a Cocoa Beach tradition since 2005.

Packers fans love the Sandbar

For all our returning fans, welcome back! This year we get started early with our all new Sandbar Style Bloody Mary and Mimosa Bar. For you rookies, your going to be sure to tell your friends and family you signed up for the best place to watch the NFL Sunday Ticket in Cocoa Beach, Brevard County, or heck maybe the world. It’s going to be Super!


Sandbar Football Fanclub 2016

Frank Dreyer
Sandbar Football Fanclub

We know what football fanatics want—to watch the game with great friends, drink beer and eat buffalo wings. That’s why we started the Sandbar Football Fanclub in the first place.

Every year, we offer a Fanclub membership that has become as famous as our hometown. It includes great prizes, shirts, and giveaways, plus a fantastic way to save tons of money every Sunday from week one to the Super Bowl. A $50 Sandbar Football Fanclub membership includes $300 worth of wings and beer. That’s right, football fans, well before your favorite team has hit the bye week, you’re drinking and eating free all the way to The Big Game. The offer includes 10 delicious jumbo wings of your choice, and a big lineman sized 20oz Miller Lite or Coors Light to wash them down—for 21 fanatical football crazed weeks.

Sandbar Football Fanclub

Every year we spoof a different football team with our own famous Sandbar Style. This year Mahi Mark, our official team mascot, has been loaned out to the Buffalo Bills as they kick off a new era under the tutelage of Rex Ryan making a run for their first Super Bowl win.

Sandbar Football Fanclub

What better team than the home of the original Buffalo Wings, now made famous around the world and none better than the ones cooked up right here at the Sandbar Sports Grill in Cocoa Beach, the best place to watch sports in Cocoa Beach, period! 20 crystal clear Big Screen HDTVs located throughout our beach friendly oasis located where 520 meets the beach, behind Ron Jons Surf Shop at Alan Shepard Park. A great place to drop the family off at the lifeguard stationed beach, and hunkerdown for some great food, football and fun! The way life was meant to be lived, on Sundays at least. Get rescued from ordinary Sundays at home and live the beach life, join the Sandbar Football Fanclub today! Ask your server for details.

Sandbar Football Fanclub


Sandbar Live

Lightning has been given the chance to strike twice in the same place tonight during the Stanley Cup Finals.

The Tampa Bay Lightning will be facing off against the Chicago Blackhawks in the Lightning’s first time in the finals since their historic win back in 2004. Here at the Sandbar we’re kicking off the first of a seven game series tonight at 8:00 p.m and any Lightning fans sporting the team’s gear will be given a free Hurricane Shot every time they score against the BlackHawks. After rooting for the team every year since we opened, we are more than excited to see them back in the finals ready to take on the BlackHawks.

Co-owner Andrew Bunin, himself a life-long Hockey fan, and player at the Space Coast Iceplex says “Winning the Stanley Cup is the hardest thing to do in sports. These maniacs go at each other full throttle for two months straight.” Bunin has played the game for 30 years and wants to see the bolts take the cup, “We can’t wait for them to win it all and bring the cup to Cocoa Beach and let’s see how much better the champagne really tastes out of the cup.”



If the Lightning pulls through and they win the cup, we want to make so much noise that if the team ever comes to Cocoa Beach they’ll put the Cup on display in the Sandbar. Take pictures with others in front of our very own Lightning bolt and post pictures to facebook and instagram (#SandbarCB) so all your friends who are Blackhawks fans know to delete you.

Show your support from the east coast by coming down to the Sandbar Sports Grill to watch this monumental game. Let’s go Bolts!

Official NHL Page

Series Schedule


GAME 2 : SAT JUNE 8, 7:15PM at TBL

GAME 3 : MON JUNE 8, 8:00PM at CHI

GAME 4 : WED JUNE 10, 8:00PM at CHI

GAME 5 : SAT JUNE 13, 8:00PM at TBL*

GAME 6 : MON JUNE 15 8:00PM at CHI*

GAME 7 : WED JUNE 17 8:00 at TBL*

*If necessary.

Sandbar Live
Home of the Fish Tacos


If you’re serious about the beachside lifestyle, you’ll want a fresh fish taco to complete the blissful scene.

No one’s quite sure of the fish taco’s exact origins,  but it’s safe to assume that they’ve been part of the Latin and South American diet since people started catching fish and grinding corn to make tortillas.

The Baja peninsula is often cited as the birthplace of the fish taco as we know it – whether from San Felipe or Ensenada still stirs fierce argument – and surfers returning from Mexico are credited with bringing this simple dish stateside sometime in the 1950s.

The fish taco as we know it consists of lightly fried white fish enfolded in a tortilla and topped with shredded cabbage, a cream-based sauce, fresh salsa or pico de gallo, and a squirt of lime juice. Variations on this theme exist of course, but that combination is generally agreed to be the ideal one. However Americanized the fish taco has become is beside the point, because its popularity as the quintessential beachside food is unprecedented.

Locally, some of the best examples can be found at the Sandbar Sports Grill, the “home” of the fish taco.

To learn more about the Sandbar’s Fish Tacos, read the full article online at The Beachside Resident.


Sandbar Live
Sandbar Sports Grill


There’s always a party going on at the Sandbar, and we were there Saturday, February 21 to witness the biggest bash the beach has ever seen – 10 bands playing over the course of the day to celebrate the Sandbar’s Decade of Music.

Thanks to everyone who stepped out on the red carpet to document the spectacular event!

See all the photos online at

Sandbar Live

Brevard Live February 2015 by Charlene Hemmle

The Little Bar That Could …And Did!

It’s hard to believe that it has been 10 years since The Sandbar Sports Grill in Cocoa Beach first opened its doors. What’s not hard to believe is that they have grown into a consistent hotspot where people come together for beach fun, great entertainment, live music and of course, food!

Along with special events, UFC fights, sports of all kinds and delicious daily specials, the action is never lacking. This month is no exception with a “White Trash Bash” and UFC fight on February 28th and a “Fat Tuesday” party on February 17th with half priced beers and hurricanes all day. One favored event right around the corner is “King of the Couch”, a friendly competition before the Superbowl for supreme reign over the “best seat in the house” complete with food, beer & room for friends.


Owners Drew Bunin and Mark Phelps spare no expense to have some sort of thrilling event planned for each and every month of the year and live music almost every day. From Dubstep to Dub Massive, Sandbar-o-ween to Sandbarapalooza and everything in between no wonder it is an epicenter for fun loving folks, They have a famous 5 lb. burrito eating contest on Cinco de Mayo and all you can drink for $20 during Okto-beer-fest. There is a-groovy island jive with live reggae music every Friday, cool rock and roll on Saturdays and casual acoustic music most other days.

The Sandbar Sports Grill is an “all purpose” restaurant/bar. Meaning it’s a place you can have a casual lunch with the boss, a pizza dinner with the kids or enjoy a late night cocktail and dancing with a date. They have a varied menu with anything from sweet crab legs to handmade pizzas to glorious fish tacos. The weekly specials never change because they are such good deals like 1/2 price tacos & draft on Tuesdays or free wings with every pitcher on Wednesdays.


On Saturday February 21st the Sandbar will host a 10 Year Anniversary Party that will salute the hard work of their staff and the dedication of their customers. It will be an extra special day of celebration and brotherhood among many commendable people. The all day event will include all day live music and many terrific $10 specials on food, drinks and merchandise. 321-799-2577


February 1, 2015
Sandbar Live