For over a decade now, the Sandbar Football Fanclub has been known as the best place for watching NFL Sunday Ticket on the Space Coast.

Our 22 HDTVs and superior sound system, 2 full bars, full kitchen, and amazing ocean breeze make the Sandbar Sports Grill in Cocoa Beach one of the world’s most unique and fantastic place to spend game day. Whether you live around the corner, over the causeway, or just in town for the day–you’re always welcome here.

Our NFL fan club includes ten great tasting wings cooked to order and a tasty Coors Light or Miller Light to wash it down, but that’s not all. We shower you with gifts and T-shirts along the way. Since, the Sandbar is famous for having a great time on the beach, we like to spoof different team logos and reimagine if our own mascot Mahi Mark was running the team. This year he’s got his sights set on our neighbors to the North, the mighty Jacksonville Jaguars.

Sandbar Football FanclubThe Jags, through a little bit of fate, get to debut 3 first round draft picks this year (fingers crossed). It should make it interesting this year for football in Florida, plus the Dolphins and Bucs are both starting over with new head coaches. You never know if they’ll make the climb, just be fine, or seriously decline.

Steelers Fans love the Sandbar

Transplant favorites: the Steelers, Packers, and Patriots all have something to prove with aging Superbowl MVP QBs –can they get back to glory? Oh and then there’s Brady, Brady, Brady! Is this last year throwing the duck around the barn?Mahi Mark is Tom Brady

The Sandbar Football Fanclub is an amazing deal, and we just want to make sure you know you have a home on Sundays with us. For only 60 bucks you get $325 worth of Beer and Wings for the Season, that’s Ten Wings and a 20oz Draft every Sunday through the Super Bowl—plus other prizes. So, stop by and ask your server to sign up of the Sandbar Football Fanclub a Cocoa Beach tradition since 2005.

Packers fans love the Sandbar

For all our returning fans, welcome back! This year we get started early with our all new Sandbar Style Bloody Mary and Mimosa Bar. For you rookies, your going to be sure to tell your friends and family you signed up for the best place to watch the NFL Sunday Ticket in Cocoa Beach, Brevard County, or heck maybe the world. It’s going to be Super!


Sandbar Football Fanclub 2016

Frank Dreyer
Home of the Fish Tacos


If you’re serious about the beachside lifestyle, you’ll want a fresh fish taco to complete the blissful scene.

No one’s quite sure of the fish taco’s exact origins,  but it’s safe to assume that they’ve been part of the Latin and South American diet since people started catching fish and grinding corn to make tortillas.

The Baja peninsula is often cited as the birthplace of the fish taco as we know it – whether from San Felipe or Ensenada still stirs fierce argument – and surfers returning from Mexico are credited with bringing this simple dish stateside sometime in the 1950s.

The fish taco as we know it consists of lightly fried white fish enfolded in a tortilla and topped with shredded cabbage, a cream-based sauce, fresh salsa or pico de gallo, and a squirt of lime juice. Variations on this theme exist of course, but that combination is generally agreed to be the ideal one. However Americanized the fish taco has become is beside the point, because its popularity as the quintessential beachside food is unprecedented.

Locally, some of the best examples can be found at the Sandbar Sports Grill, the “home” of the fish taco.

To learn more about the Sandbar’s Fish Tacos, read the full article online at The Beachside Resident.


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